Garage Door Openers

Garage door opener

Maintain the Safety of Your Garage With Our Garage Door Openers

Save yourself the hassle of manually opening your garage door with high-quality garage door openers from Hicklin Garage Doors.

Ensure the Smooth Opening and Closing of Your Garage Door

With our garage door openers and additional accessories for your new garage door, you'll have access to your garage door from anywhere. 

You can count on the quality of our products, and save yourself the trouble of manually closing and opening your garage door. Our products have been designed to make your life easier!

Keep Your Garage Safe With Our Garage Door Openers

With our garage door openers, you will not only gain access from your vehicle but can ensure the safety of your garage at any time. You can even connect your smartphone to our remotes and carry it with you on the go for instant access.
Residential styles:
  • Liftmaster 3255
  • Liftmaster 3265
  • Liftmaster 8587
  • Liftmaster 8355
  • Liftmaster 8360
  • Liftmaster 8500
  • Liftmaster 8550
  • Liftmaster 8557

Garage Door Openers in a Wide Variety of Makes and Models

We carry a variety of makes and models to choose from, ensuring your needs are met. We'll offer you information on which model is best for your needs based on your individual preferences. Get a quality garage door opener at an affordable price!
Commercial styles:
  • Liftmaster ATS
  • Liftmaster APT
  • Liftmaster H
  • Liftmaster MH
  • LiftMaster T
  • LiftMaster MJ
  • LiftMaster MT
  • LiftMaster 3900
  • LiftMaster Gh
  • LiftMaster GT
  • LiftMaster HCT
  • LiftMaster J
  • LiftMaster RBH
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